St. Paul's
United Methodist Church

104 S. Columbus
Pleasantville, Iowa

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Our Heritage

In 1996, Pleasantville Methodists celebrated 150 years of Methodism in the local area. The first Methodist services was held at the cabin of Lewis Reynolds in the Township of Pleasant Grove in May 1846. A few years later, the Methodists purchased a church from the Congregationalists in 1855 and that remained the center of worship until 1872 when the first Pleasantville Methodist Church was erected at a cost of $3,000.

More than thirty years later, on August 23, 1906, the cornerstone was laid for a new church that cost $11,000. Dr. T.C. Lliff, D.L of Philadelphia delivered the dedication sermon at the completed building in January 1907 and said, "in all my experience, I have never witnessed such absolute good will and freedom as I have seen among the Methodists in Pleasantville today." In 1951, during a remodeling project, the church was almost destroyed by fire. The entire community rallied to the call with their time, talents and money to rebuild the house of worship, dedicating the finished building in March 1953.

Today, with a congregation of appoximately 188, the church offers a variety of programs and activities for members and prospective members. A 24-hour prayer chain is always available to anyone in need. The Methodist Church is the headquarters of the Community Food Bank that is supported by all the churches in Pleasantville. The United Methodist Women hold monthly meetings and serve the local church as well as participating in projects within the conference. The Annual Harvest Dinner is a major community event that is held on Election Day, offering turkey and all the trimmings. The congregation of the church likes to think of themselves as one big family. Church is a safe place that you can share your concerns in life and celebrate blessings God has shared with you. Our church is a place where children are appreciated in the Sunday worship and Kid's Club on Wednesday. Like the choir, they greatly add to the experience of Church.